A Word about us.

CONSOLTA - is a business advisory agency, Located in Klaipeda, Lithuania. During past 5 years we are constantly exploring issues of enterprise activity in Lithuania and some countries abroad.

Our main activities are - the financial and tax questions both inside Lithuania and outside it. Our activity in Lithuania - is to evaluate the investment project according financial/tax and to make accompanying documents to start business. Or to prepare documents according customer wishes. As for the business abroad - we can provide a lot of services concerning documents, certificates and company registration from the start point. Mainly, our customers are service providers (shipbuilding, construction companies, temporary employment agencies, human resource supplier companies). All of them want to spread business abroad, but to be placed and pay taxes in Lithuania.

From idea to project.

By combining the creativity of artists with the precision of engineers we develop custom solutions that achieve results.

We aim to deliver our commitment by providing personal face-to-face advice, ensuring that our dealings with you are sensitive to your needs. Needs differ from the company to company, from the country to country and sure - from the assigned tasks. We have great practice to solve much of them in Lithuania, Belgium, The Netherlands, Norway, Finland and United Kingdom. We can advise and help you to get documents and certificates, like the Netherlands NEN4400-2. All of that - greatly facilitates the conduct of business, time and optimize the financial-tax structure. Tell us the idea - we will make a skin, fill it with tax optimizing, law-abiding content and breathe the life into it!


Doing business in Lithuania - investment

If you are based overseas, CONSOLTA consultants can advise and assist you with investments in region of Lithuania. Lithuania’s membership in international organizations (since 1991 till nowadays Lithuania became as a member in 48 international organizations), compliance with EU and international laws and sustained economic growth guarantee a favorable and secure environment for foreign investment.

Lithuania’s location and well – developed infrastructure open doors to the EU, CIS, Russian, Asian and global markets. The country has taken full advantage of its unique position at the intersection of the East – West and North – South trade routes and has created a network of supporting infrastructure.

  • Road&Rail. European route E67 Via Baltica, Rail Baltica project.
  • Air. 3 International Airports (VNO, KUN, PLQ,) connect Lithuania with all Europe.
  • Sea. Klaipeda State Seaport is the northern most ice – free port on the Eastern coast of the Baltic

Basic business information in Lithuania

There are seven FEZ (free economic zone) zones in Lithuania with ready – to – build industrial sites with physical and legal infrastructure to supporting services and tax incentives. Lithuanian and foreign enterprises may develop their business in free economic zones and may enjoy the incentives such as:

  • Exemption from profit tax for the first 6 tax periods (years);
  • 50% discount on corporate tax over the next 10 years;
  • 0% tax on dividends and on real estate.
Exemption from VAT, and real estate tax may be applicable irrespective of the amount of the investment in a FEZ.
Corporate tax ranges from 0% to 15%, depends of the criteria established by the government.
Dividends - 0 - 15%.
VAT - standard VAT rate is 21%, reduced VAT rates are fixed at 9% and 5%.
Social security tax, the employer pays 30.98%, an employee – 9%, 2% pension accumulation system.
Personal income tax – 15%.