Information about business start in Denmark to foreign companies

We are often asked about the requirements of starting business in Denmark.

If you decided to perform foreign services in Denmark, first of all your company must be registered in the Register for Foreign Service Providers (RUT). According Danish Business Authority „If you have a foreign company, you must report information about:

  • Name, business address and contact information of the company.
  • Dates of commencement and completion of work task (service).
  • Place (address if any) where the work task (service) is performed.
  • Contact person for the company. The contact person must be appointed by the company among the individuals who are posted in Denmark in connection with the performance of the task (service).
  • The activity code of the company.
  • The identity of the employees posted by the company and the time frame of the posting“.

Note, paper forms is not accepted, all procedure must be done digitally on Virk Rut. If you want to, or must start a business in Denmark, you will need to follow all the Danish rules for temporary business in Denmark and for a start a permanent business in Denmark. First of all, we will represent for you a summary of rules for temporary business in Denmark:

  • Danish VAT and TAX. You have to submit the application for VAT registration in Denmark at the latest 8 days before you start doing business in Denmark. You register your company by filling out a form and upload it via Danish Business Authority website. When you have registered your company for Danish VAT, you must declare VAT for each VAT period. Information about the VAT period is given in connection with registration. If you stop doing business in Denmark you have to deregister your company within 8 days.
  • Working environment. It is your responsibility as an employer to ensure compliance with the working environment rules. It is therefore your responsibility to ensure that the employees can carry out their tasks without compromising health and safety in the workplace e.g. by giving them the necessary instructions. The Danish Working Environment Authority (WEA) is responsible for the working environment in Denmark, it priority focus on three key areas within working environment: preventing accidents, preventing muscle and skeleton problems, psychological working environment.
  • Social security and workers compensation. When your employees are subject to Danish social security rules, you as a company must: pay labour market supplementary pension (in Danish: ATP) for those employees that, pay contribution to labour market fund for occupational diseases (in Danish: AES), pay their sickness benefits in connection with their illness, insure your employees against workplace injuries.
  • Authorization. Some professions require that you apply for authorization or do a registration/notification by the competent public authority in Denmark before you start your activities in Denmark. Overview of the professions regulated under Danish law you can check in Danish Business Authority website.

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