Information about pension who had work abroad

In 2015, the emigration rate increased while the immigration rate decreased: 45.5 thousand persons left Lithuania, and around 22.1 thousand persons arrived (European Migration Network).

Usually, the migration flow is affected by searching for better living conditions. Naturally raises the question about off setting of acquired work experience in other countries and pension pay out conditions. SoDra (State Social Insurance Fund Board under the Ministry of Social Security and Labour) states „payed taxes when moving to another country, is not refundable and not being forwarded, but data on the acquired experience will be stored in each country where the person lived and worked until he reaches the age of retirement age and become entitled to benefits in that country. Seniority acquired while working in the Member States, pensions for the period – regardless of when the experience acquired – appointed and paid by the respective national social security institutions, the pension is appoint and pay, in accordance with national legislation“.

Personal seniority is calculated by summing up the work in all countries. However, as in Lithuania, as other EU countries, including Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and, Liechtenstein, „the long-term benefits” (pensions) do not pay for the aggregated insurance period, but only for the part that has been gained in that country. Therefore, a person can be come two or more countries retired and receiving benefits from the country where he worked, in accordance with the national law of the estimated pension regardless of the country where he lives in“.

Source: European Migration Network –, SoDra