We provide effective strategies
for forward thinking companies

As a business advisory we believe no client is too big nor too small to work with us to obtain good advantage.

For that aims CONSOLTA specializes in providing high quality consulting and advising services in many aspects of business financial modeling, tax planning and taxation issues. It sounds as nice words - but take a look at our modern approach: working in one country and pay taxes in another, spread managing and working resources, get the legal documents and much more.

We transform brands into business experiences.

By combining the creativity of artists with the precision of engineers we develop custom solutions that achieve results. And "yes" - company cooperates with accountants, tax consultants, legal advisors and international corporate service providers in Lithuania, Belgium, The Netherlands, Norway, Finland and United Kingdom.

Financial modeling and tax planning

What is the benefit of financial business modeling and tax planning?

Financial business modeling and tax planning helps to assess the planned or already existing business prospects and planning expected results. To achieve the best result - we always ask opinion our foreign partners. After consultations with international tax adviser, accountants, lawyers - we will provide you full overview concerning your business optimization.

For your business optimization, we will provide the following services:

  • Your company's current financial model analysis, comments, the places to be corrected.
  • Choosing the most suitable financial model for your company.
  • Selecting the most suitable accounting strategy for your company.
  • Advising in tax issues.
  • Consulting on the taxation risk, existing risk reduction.

Doing business abroad

Have you decided to start a business abroad? Or expanding business abroad?

Business registration and starting in each country is different, controlled by the country's legal framework. We dare to say that CONSOLTA is professional in this field, so, if you are thinking about business in Belgium, the Netherlands, Norway, Finland, the United Kingdom, CONSOLTA will provide all needed services to ensure smooth your business start in a foreign market.

Our specialists will:

  • Answer questions related to starting/ developing business in foreign countries.
  • Prepare Business Guide (finance + taxes) depended on your company case and realize it.
  • Notify you about changes in the legal environment of your interest country.
  • Advise on foreign taxation.
  • Develop and implement tax optimization plan.
When you will start work in foreign country - you do not need to worry about foreign representatives or accounting companies - we will take care of everything. We will follow all obligations considering your home country's and foreign country’s legal and tax frameworks.

Company registration and investment in Lithuania

Investment in Lithuania market can be good and profitable choice for your overseas business.

In past few years Lithuanian business environment become more attractive for foreign investors. If you are based overseas, CONSOLTA specialists can advise and assist you with investments in region of Lithuania. What you only need to do - to show us your idea or plan, and we will find the best solution to your investments.
CONSOLTA specialists will provide all company formation services and share experience. We will represent you through all the process of establishing the company and will provide all necessary services for successful business creation and business start-ups.

Our company will:

  • Advise of your business form selection.
  • Establish Limited liability company (UAB), Individual enterprise (IĮ), Small partnership (MB).
  • Prepare necessary documentation.
  • Advise on company structure formation issues.

And this is not everything what we can do for your company.

We can assist you to find the place for your business, we can take care of searching of employees for your business, we can represent you in all Lithuanian institutions on the name of your company, we can follow your company’s life in Lithuania and provide you detailed information about the progress of your company. You even do not need to come to Lithuania regularly.


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