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UAB Consolta
Company code in Lithuania: 303464368
VAT number: LT100008991119
Company code in the Netherlands (KVK): 73197122
Company code in Norway (NUF): 921807228

No, we do not help to establish companies in foreign countries and we do not advise on this matter, but we can register branches of already existing legal entities in the Netherlands, Finland, Norway.

The secondment of third-country nationals is subject to stricter requirements regarding documentation and working time. Third-country nationals with residence permit or D visa obtained in Lithuania are allowed to work in a foreign country for no longer than 90 days in a 180-day period (requirements may vary depending on the country to which they are posted). If there is a need for an employee to work in a foreign country longer than this term, he must be granted a work permit from that country.

The obligation to pay taxes is determined by double taxation avoidance agreements (DTAA) with foreign countries and other legal acts of Lithuania and foreign countries. Whether your company is required to pay taxes in a foreign country depends on many different factors: what kind of activity you carry out in it, what is the duration of work, what employee documents you have (A1 certificates), what is your contract with the customer and whether you establish a permanent establishment in a foreign country. The situation of each company is individual, so if you doubt whether you must pay certain taxes in a foreign country, consult with us.