NEN 4400-2

For companies that want to operate in the Netherlands and have their registered office outside the country, it is recommended to have the NEN 4400-2 certificate.

NEN 4400-2 is a certificate that proves the company’s compliance with all requirements for employers in the Netherlands. Companies with this certificate are included in the Stichting Normering Arbeid (SNA) quality mark register.

The majority of Dutch clients require the NEN 4400-2 certificate for their future partners, as it shows the reliability of the company as a future partner.

Certified companies are audited every 6 months. During the audits, it is checked whether the company complies with the tax, labor law, and migration standards of the Netherlands and the country from which the employees are posted and whether the documents and payroll of the posted employees meet the requirements.

In order to be included in the SNA Quality Register, a company posting workers to the Netherlands must first be registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (Kamer van Koophandel) and the Dutch Tax Office (Belastingdienst), where the company is assigned a Dutch company code (KVK number) and a taxpayer code (Loonheffingennummer). Also, the company must have paid payroll taxes for at least 1 month during the audited period. The NEN 4400-2 audit period is the calendar year (last 12 months) prior to the audit date.

CONSOLTA advises companies on SNA compliance issues and represents its clients during all inspections. We can help you from the first step in the Netherlands to obtaining the NEN 4400-2 certificate.

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