We are often asked:

1What way can you help me to start business abroad?
First, we will meet you to hear your plans abroad.
Second, we will take care of your company’s registration in foreign country.
And finally, we will take care of your company’s and employees’ taxation in foreign country.
2Which countries are you working and can consult?
At this moment company cooperates and working with accountants, tax consultants, legal advisors and international corporate service providers in Lithuania, Belgium, The Netherlands, Norway, Finland and United Kingdom. If you want to start business in these countries - we will help you to go ahead.
3I want to invest in Lithuania. What is the start point?
First, you have to receive detailed information about all business costs depending on your business activity. Second, when you will evaluate the costs, you have to choose the region of Lithuania where your business will be located. We will help you in all steps starting from choosing the place, hiring employees and continue to provide you aftercare when you will start.
4What kind of documents will I need to open Limited liability company (UAB) in Lithuania?
You only need to provide us a copy of your passport and write us power of attorney. We will arrange all documents and in 5-10 days your company will be opened.
5How long will it take you to meet with us?
We are able to travel and visit you in your office, we need only to agree the time.
6What way we will contact?
Contact with us you can by e-mail info@consolta.lt , by telephone +370 672 897 38, by social media. We will arrive at your office every week once or twice, or even more time if it would be necessary. Contacting in that way, lets us to be at the hart of your company’s affairs and issues.
7We started provide personnel to Dutch client but they require to have NEN4400-2 certificate. What is that and why they are asking it?
NEN 4400-2 is recommending for companies that have their registered office outside the Netherlands. By having this certificate company declares that observe the Netherlands law, commitments to employees, ensure tidy tax, audit and financial accounting according to the labor law. So, if you will have this certificate - your client can be sure that you meet all Dutch labor law requirements.